There is no better way to feel like a “local” than to learn about the dishes people make, the markets where they shop, and the recipes that have been passed from generation to generation.

In our travels, we’ve learned how to become part of the towns and cities we visit.

We think that the food in each special place reflects the people, the history, and the culture. We look for local markets, where we talk to vendors and other shoppers to learn about what they buy and how they prepare their meals.

We know that travel to a place where people may not speak your language can be daunting. We’ll show you how we have learned to communicate with folks around the globe by knowing a few important words and phrases and building a trust with people so that they want to share the unique features of their town and food.

We will engage and entertain you, and along the way, we will give you tips and techniques for making your next trip “the best one you’ve ever eaten.

Tom Becker

Francesca Arniotes