This travel and cooking show is dedicated to promoting understanding and appreciation of world cultures and their people. Castles and Kitchens will inspire you to seek out new ways to travel, and it will empower you to immerse yourself in the local culture of each town as you create meaningful and authentic interactions with the local people. Travel with us to the markets and shops, join us as we talk to the local cooks and vendors, and cook with us as we as we prepare the dishes and delicacies of each new town.

Chef vs. Chef

Watch Tom and Francesca square off in an epic Pizza Cookoff…Classic Neapolitan vs. Chicago-style. Mouthwatering entertainment as two great chef’s go head-to-head and pan-to-pan.

Comfort Food

Everyone love’s comfort food, right? Francesca and Tom reach back to their favorite comfort food memories and recipes.¬†Fantastic fare for any day and any occasion.