Your pantry is at the foundation of how your cook. In it, you store the spices, sauces, and ingredients you use on a regular basis. It may change by season, but there are some items you always want to have on hand.  Here are the ingredients, spices, canned and packaged goods, and staples that we use.

But like everything we do, Tom’s pantry and Francesca’s pantry reflect each of our styles and what we love to cook.

Francesca's Pantry

Stocking your pantry is an ongoing process. Here are the things I keep on hand, so that I can always make something good tasting and nutritious.


Tom's Pantry

I love to cook. And, as I always say, I like to play with my food. But as a child, how much fun was it when you went out to the sandbox and found there were no toys? Welcome to my adult version of the sandbox…my pantry!